My Summer Holidays

Today a lot of us are staying in nuclear families. As a result we are paying to give some basic skills to our kids that used to come unknowingly and easily as a part of the joint families. This article is about the impact of summer holidays on my personality when I was a part of larger family.

Why You Need MS Excel?

I ask this question to all those who are unaware of this magnificent software….yes, believe me, I am in love with this software since I have started using it. But, …

7 Management Lessons From Delhi Elections 2020

I am a Respectable (at least I think so), Neutral voter of Delhi who Does Not hesitate to use NOTA if do not like anyone. I have been a witness to the fierce election campaign and its aftermath. I have been hearing views and claims of different political parties before and after elections.
I am an aware and informed voter of Delhi. I have been an observer of performance of the ruling party and its struggle, whether it is centre or state. In past 5 years, I have seen media changing its stand from strictly against AAP to a balanced reporting……and in some cases, pro-AAP reporting as well.
So, when Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) won 2020 elections with a stunning number, I was not surprised.

What’s Your Plan B?

Recently, I saw a video of one of the very famous American actor. According to him, the secret of his success was that he NEVER had a Plan B. So, he worked whole heartedly towards his ONLY plan and achieved success.
But, is everyone, so lucky?
Does everyone has the mental strength to face the hardships and challenges on the way of his/her goal and still stick to Plan A without losing FAITH?
Besides, is everyone Lucky enough to achieve the goals with their hard work?
That’s why it’s mandatory to have a PLAN B…….

GOD Has Plans For You, Do You?

As Board exams are approaching, Grade 12th students are highly tensed. They have a valid reason for it. For last few years, the cut-offs for all prestigious colleges and universities have been nearly perfect score, i.e. 100%.
My Maths teacher of Grade 12th always said, “Exams are 90% luck and 10% hard work”. I always believed the other way round until I got the result of my Grade 12th exams.
Guess what made me change my opinion………..

Are Board Exams Really Dreading?

It’s January………Board exams are just a month away. I can sense the tension in the air……….Students, Teachers, Parents………everyone is tensed……some are even scared. But why?
Students are tensed because for most of them, it will be their first experience of boards. The papers will be set by an unknown teacher and will be checked by another unknown teacher.
Teachers are tensed because unlike a decade ago, when there were 10years CBSE papers to guide students, not much is available now from CBSE – most of them have to depend on their experience and the sample papers issued by some private publishers.
Parents are tensed because CBSE is conducting board exams in the old format after many years. They are not confident if their kids will be able to perform.
Are we, as parents and teachers, doing our duties to limit this tension / scare to a normal exam tension?

Generation Diversity vs Recreation Preferences

In 2008, we were provided a “Diversity” training. Till then, for me, meaning of “Diversity” was only limited to Gender, Caste and Race. It was the first time I got introduced to Generation Diversity.
I think, “Employee Dissatisfaction” was the key driver of that training…………wondering, how?
Around that time, 3 generations were working together – Baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. All 3 of them had different ideologies and hence, had a different perspective. The leaders belong to either of the first 2 categories and Gen Y was just entering.
It was difficult for managers to get work done from these people…hence, they were dissatisfied.
On the other hand, Gen Y was more tech savvy. Their attitude and perspective towards work was very different. They were unable to empathize with the stress of their managers (and peers too)….resulting in disharmony and non-cooperation at work place.
The Generation Diversity training helped us understand the various categories in which Generations were divided and the reason for their approach…. Thus, improving the work place environment.

People Leave Leaders, Not Companies

Do you remember “Hari Sadu”………..the famous ad from Naukri? The guy took out all his buried emotions while abbreviating his boss’s name….
While this ad was gaining popularity, one of the senior officials of the company was interviewed by a radio channel. When asked about the underlying philosophy of this ad, the guy replied, “Research shows 80% of the people leave their boss, NOT the company they work for”….
So True!!
That was the reason, I left my job after working for 19 years….

Work Life Balance Means….

Many employee friendly companies boast of supporting “Work Life Balance” of their employees. Then what is the reason, that most of us still think that in the modern system our “Work Life Balance” has gone for a toss?

Why Dismantling Old Is Important

Six Sigma is synonymous for Process Improvement, Reducing Errors in the process, Cost Saving etc. Change Management is one of the important parts of Six Sigma. It, not only means, managing change at the time of implementation but also ensure that it is running smoothly even after the completion of project.
Dismantling the old is one such step it suggests ….but many of us don’t realise it’s importance…. So, many a times, both new and old keep on lying in our folders, until there is a blunder.
Here, I am going to talk about one such blunder made by someone else, but it costed me a downgrade in my performance.